TECHNIKI APOPSI is a construction and civil engineering company dealing with Design, Licensing, Construction and Equipment Supply.
Founded in 2003 by Mechanical Engineers Petros Petrou and Dimitris Tsiggelidis.
TECHNIKI APOPSI is staffed with highly qualified, experienced engineers, designers, decorators and technicians.
TECHNIKI APOPSI also holds a contractor of public works diploma.
The company is certified with the new quality management standard: ISO 9001/2015


Our target is to build a reputation through our excellent performance in addition to nurturing long-term relationships of trust with our customers.



Safety for each and everyone is non-negotiable to us. In the frame of zero accidents policy, we constantly educate our employees and partners on security issues.


Excellent quality in every field of our work. Persistence in details! Continuous pursue of creative and innovative solutions.


We do the “right” thing for both our customers and employees.
TECHNIKI APOPSI is a company based on trust.


We are highly dedicated to the health and safety of our employees, society and the environment as a whole. We implement “green” practices in the operation of our business, we promote green buildings.

We support the Ecological & Solidarity voluntary group GEITONES (NEIGHBOURS).


The Quality Policy of the Company is determined by the desire to provide design services, development and implementation of studies and technical projects, according to the customer requirements, the applicable law, the modern know-how, capabilities, quality control and other factors related to the business position in the Greek market.

The Company’s policy is based on the commitment of the management to ensure the health and safety of employees and partners, respect and protection of the environment.

The approach of TECHNICAL APOPSIS for quality is expressed through the Company’s Quality Management System, which provides a framework for continuous improvement of the Company’s operations with a keen eye to meeting the requirements, expectations and also of the utmost customer needs.

The Management has established and reviewed objectives of quality, which are based on:

• Staffing the company with highly trained staff.
• In selecting reliable partners and suppliers.
• On scientifically sound planning and development of the Project and to provide high quality services Planning, Supervision and Project Implementation.
• In the business equipment with the latest technology and unique equipment, specialized technical software applications.
• In constant communication with the client for proper mapping of the requirements, as well as recording and settling any differences of the contract.
• In recording and reducing any deficiencies with a view to continuous / quality improvement of produced works and services.
• The identification and evaluation of potential risks arising from the operating activities of the Company and measures to address these.
• The administration of the changes taking place within the Company and which may affect the quality of service.
• In the continuous improvement of the Quality Management System.
• In the service lasting standardization effort in a way that promotes and ensures providing friendly and efficient service and harmonious development of cooperation with customers and suppliers.

The Company Management undertakes to ensure proper order:

• The quality policy to be known and understood to all staff via tension signs in appropriate areas of workplaces.
• To be reviewed as to the continued appropriateness.
• To provide all necessary means for the continuous and uninterrupted operation of the system and its continuous improvement.

Also undertakes to comply with the laws and regulations governing the operation of the Company.

The Quality Manager undertakes the task of supervision and maintenance of the Quality Management System development.